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Promotion and Protection of Investments in the Republic of Panama

Posted By July 11, 2016

The Republic of Panama is one the fastest growing economies in Latin America. The expansion of the Canal as well as other mega infrastructure projects, in addition to the investments proposed in the GoP’s Strategic Plan for Governing 2015-2019, make Panama an attractive destination for foreign investment and a keystone of regional development. Nevertheless, just as investments made in this central american State have grown so too have the number of international arbitration claims brought against it.

It is on these developments, and with particular emphasis on investment protection in Panama, that Margie-Lys Jaime  – former Free Trade Agreement Negotiator for the Republic of Panama – will give a presentation at the 1st International Investment Arbitration Conference organized by the Costa Rican Young Arbitrators group, with the support of Young ICSID, to be held in Costa Rica on July 28 and 29, 2016.

The full program is available here

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