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In Closing . . . An Ode to Entrepreneurship and Women In Law

Posted By March 6, 2021

2020 is one for the record books—a year that will almost certainly go down as the wildest, weirdest and most challenging of our times. But with challenge comes growth, and with growth comes change. So today, it is with a heavy heart and excitement for the future that I announce the closing of my firm, Disan.

The Starting Spark

As one journey ends, another begins, and this decision does not mark the end of my story. Far from it, in fact. I founded Disan six years ago in search of professional flexibility as I focused on raising my son. Leaving law altogether, even temporarily, just wasn’t an option for me because, as a trial and arbitration lawyer, I thrive on the intellectual stimulation of this work. But I needed more time with my family, so I took a break from the large-law private practice world and launched what became one of the most rewarding ventures of my life.

The Mother of All Experiences

Disan was like another child to me. I nurtured it, mothered it and watched it grow before my very eyes. Before long, it had exceeded my every expectation, breaking into the most prestigious global rankings alongside massive global firms. My team was unstoppable. Our passion was profound. I even made the 2019 Entrepreneur Magazine’s 360 List, an honor bestowed upon the nation’s “real leaders among entrepreneurs.” “Truly remarkable,” someone told me. “Profoundly humbling,” was my thought. This is what women in law are all about.

Over the years, Disan became something more than a firm. It became a lifestyle, which is probably why I kept it going years longer than originally planned. I couldn’t get enough of the professional and personal fulfillment, and it’s thanks to my hardworking team, trusting clients, friends, and family that I close this chapter with endless optimism and gratitude.

The BIG News

While the closing of Disan is bittersweet, I look forward to what’s next for me and the extraordinary women who stood by my side as members of Disan. While I’ll be staying in D.C., I am thrilled to announce that my next chapter begins at a premier global firm unlike any other, which happens to be headquartered in another famed two-letter city: L.A.  I will continue to concentrate on large-scale, high-stakes global disputes and investigations while staying true to my roots of Latin America and Caribbean matters.

The End (and The Beginning)

As Cerati said in his charming Argentinian accent, “Poder decir adios es crecer.” To say goodbye is to grow. I simply cannot express the growth and gifts that Disan has given me, and it’s with this farewell that I welcome what’s to come. I hope to stay in touch with those I’ve had the good fortune to meet on this journey, and perhaps we can share a socially distant or virtual celebration together very soon.

Muchas gracias for six unforgettable years. Stay well, and onward we go.