Disan is the cure for the common law firm, and we don’t  just walk the walk, we also
talk the talk – in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. We are a skilled and savvy
set of multilingual attorneys specializing in both common and civil law systems in
Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Fast Track

We believe legal issues should be resolved quickly and efficiently, even the complicated ones. There’s no time
for delay when our clients have lives to get on with, so we work hard to get things done so you can keep moving forward.

Our Clients

Individual and
Corporate Clients

Looking to do business, expand or invest in
Latin America or the Caribbean? Disan counsels people and private companies, specially Multilatinas, to make it happen and offer you total peace of mind.


Sovereign governments should be in the know
on international law. Disan empowers them
with knowledge and support on investment
treaties, free trade agreements, anti-corruption,
public international law, and more.


Disan helps international organizations,
including multilateral development banks, stay
compliant and accomplish their goals
throughout the Americas and the

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