Now that you know what we do, let us tell you a bit about how we do it.

Disan Legal: crisis_management

Crisis Management

Let’s say you have been sued or just found out that a government is cancelling your license. Maybe you just learned that a permit application has been denied or a catastrophic event has taken place. No need to panic. We provide immediate crisis response to help assess the damage, develop a plan and take the necessary steps toward legal resolution.

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Business Intelligence

We don’t stop at solving problems. We also have the smarts to anticipate and prevent them before they even occur. We keep close tabs on the latest news, developments and international issues so that our clients can stay informed and out of trouble.Red flags? We’ll alert you. Upcoming risks? We’ll keep you in the know. Worries? Gone.

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Outside Counsel

Why deal with counsel in each Latin American country of operations when Disan can be your single, go-to advisor? We serve as permanent outside counsel for Latin America and the Caribbean, and you can bet we gladly go the extra mile. We’ll even accompany our clients to contract negotiations, deal signings, board meetings, and other legal assemblies.

Disan Legal: negotiation_icon


Disan has your back when it comes to negotiation. We know the Latin American culture and understand what it takes to effectively structure and close transactions there. Should there be disputes, we actively address them with powerful litigation strategies or alternative dispute resolution methods (ADR) such as arbitration and mediation.

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