Marcela Martinez

Operations Director

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Marcela Martinez, In this world, there are thinkers, and there are doers. Marcela Martinez is both, in addition to being one of the most organized list-makers, passionate perfectionists and skilled graphic designers we know. We’re pretty confident that she’s also a mind reader, but that’s a different story for a different day.

As our Operations Director a.k.a. the woman who keeps Disan spinning, Marcela helps evaluate and improve our practices, support our ongoing strategic expansion projects, facilitate business development and build us a coffee collection that would make any Colombian proud (she’s a total espresso addict).She also has a sincere interest in justice and believes that integrity and dignity are non-negotiables, which make her an exceptional fit for our team.

Born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia, Marcela credits her hardworking nature and laidback yet sharp-as-a-tack mentality to her family and upbringing. She attended Universidad Autonoma del Caribe where she earned a bachelor’s in business administration and degree in graphic design, both with honors.Professionally, she’s been an office manager, publicist, creative director, importer/exporter-in-chief and even a poet (unpublished, but still). She’s practically a human Swiss Army Knife with all those skills. So, when we need someone to solve a problem, we look no further than Marcela’s desk. Whatever it is, she has it covered — and she probably has the checklist to prove it.

At a Glance:


Business Administration. B.A, Universidad Autonoma del Caribe. Colombia.

Graphic Design. Techinician, Universidad Autonoma del Caribe. Colombia.


Rankings & Awards

Honor Award, Universidad Autonoma del Caribe.

Merit Scholarship, Universidad Autonoma del Caribe.


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